Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Friday, February 27, 2015


ATA records wad set up in 1966 and and finished in 1989 making it one of  the longest surviving Australian Independent labels. It has released in excess of 200 issues. ATA was owned and operated by Col Joye (Jacobson) (singer) & brother, Kevin Jacobson (Tour Promoter). In order to have total control over their material Col and Kevin were pioneer Australian Rock’n’Roll artists, Col being the performer and Kevin and another brother were members of the backing band “The Joy Boys” who had hits in their own right. They and Johnny O’Keefe were the biggest stars in Sydney during that time and Col, Joy Boys and O’Keefe all recorded for Festival.

Col Joye

Brian Henderson

Sandy Scott

Judy Stone

Kevin Johnson

Norm Irwin

Ides of Man

Sharon Black

Alan Deane

Robin Sinclair

Ian McCrae

Swamp Salad

Little Pattie

Ted Bull

Hazel Phillips

The Webb Brothers

Warren Carr

Laurie Allen

Mike McLennan


Wayne Holstein

Ted Hamilton

Fielding and Dyer

David Gray

Bob Barnard

Grand Junction

Bob Purtell

Wally Morrison

Andy Gibb

Johnny Devlin

Benny and The Jets

Donnie Sutherland

Dave Mills

Doug Parkinson

Smoky Dawson

Dales Gang

Michael Scott Group

The Cascades

John Torv

Julian Jorg

The Ray Price Quintet

Kevin Somerville

The Eyes

Jim Cooper


Pat Alexander

Donald Phillip Wall

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