Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Monday, August 17, 2015


Havoc Records was established in Melbourne in 1970 by Rod De Courcy and Frank Smith, and although it only operated for about three years, it made a significant impact on the Australian music scene in the early 1970s. Rod De Courcy is the brother of Brian De Courcy, the well-known Melbourne dance promoter and artist manager, whose clients included Merv Benton, Carol Cook and The Strangers.


Captain Australia and The Honky Tonk


Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs

Mark Justin


The Wild Cherries

Gil Mathews


Michael Turner In Session

Robby Snowden

Coloured Balls

Star Spangled Banger

Thumpin Pig and Puffin Billy

Everton Park

Jeff Phillips

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