Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Saturday, September 5, 2015


This label was the music subsidiary of The Australian Television Network, better known as Channel Seven. One of several new independent labels to spring up in Australia during the early '70's, M7 was also one of the more succesful, especially in it's first few years of operation. Though probably remembered more for it's pop, MOR & novelty hits, a glance at it's artist roster shows a far more diverse range of music than might be expected.

Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly (SCRA)

Greg Bonham

Aidan Nolan

The Meeples

Rocky Emmett

Vic Christopher

Evie Pickler

Warren Williams

The Flanagans

Judy Stone

Peter Wright

Chris Neal

Garry Travers

The Troupadors

John Currie


Bob Hudson

Marshall Brothers Band

Ron Roberts

Marty Rhone

Paul Jennings

Maureen Elkner

Franci Chaming

Tarney - Spencer Band

Col Nolan Quartet

Mike Williams

Johnny Tapp

The Brian Fitzgerald Band

Julian Jong

Frankie Davidson

Prof Snorkel's Show Band

Phil Hunt

Peter Martin

Ed Mackie

The Colonial Jazz Band

Ted Maher

Toni and Royce

Digger Revell

The Yin Yan

The M7 Team Supporters

David Gray

Mick Hamilton


The Socceroos

Ron Barry

Rory Thomas

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