Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Sunday, October 25, 2015


The Leedon label was instigated by legendary American early rock 'n roll show promoter Lee Gordon, then resident in Australia. His partner in the label was the even more legendary Aussie rock pioneer Johnny O'Keefe whose own releases appeared on the label starting in September 1959. The final release was fittingly JO'K's re-issue of "She's My Baby" in July 1969. Among many locally well known antipodeans, Bee Gees made their own earliest recordings for the label from March 1963 until 1966.

Johnny Rebb

Ray Melton

Johnny Devlin

The Delltones

The Crescents

Johnny O'Keefe

Diana Trask

Lonnie Lee

Barry Stanton

Paul Wayne

Warren Williams

Ian Crawford

The Leemen

Booka Hyland

The Maori Hi-Five

Bob Kole

The Fauns

Warren Carr

Tony Brady

The Dee Jays

Jerry J Wilder

Bee Gees

The Vibratones

Gary Shearston

The Nocturnes

Syd Wayne

April Byron

Ian Turpie

Jamie Mahar

Jennie Bradley

The Rajahs

Rod Dunbar

Herbie Marks

Derek Lee

The Blue Streaks

Jay 'n' Jay

Ray Brown and The Whispers

The Taylor Sisters

The Blue Beats

The Courtmen

The Kinsmen

The Showmen

The Crickets

The Sunsets

Russ Kruger

The Amazons

The Atlantics

The Mystrys

Digby Richards

Blues Syndicate

The Fugitives

The Sonamatics

The Pogs

Blues Rags 'n' Hollers

The Syssy's

The Others

Tony Cole

Reverend Black and The Rockin' Vicars

Jon Blanchfield

Catfish Purser

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