Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Festival Records (later known as Festival Mushroom Records) was an Australian music recording and publishing company which was founded in Sydney in 1952 and operated until 2005. Festival was a wholly owned subsidiary of News Limited from 1961 to 2005, and the company was very successful for most of its fifty-year life, despite the fact that as much as 90% of its annual profit was regularly siphoned off by Rupert Murdoch to subsidise his other media ventures.

Les Welch and his Orchestra

The Olson Brothers

Darryl Stewart

Johnny O'Keefe

Horrie Dargie Quintet

Vic Sabrino

Ned Kelly and His Band

Richard Gray

The Penny Rockets

Leonard Teale

John Laws

Col Joye

Tim McNamara

Carole Smith

Tex and Mary Croft

Tex Morton

Dig Richards and The R'Jays

The Webb Brothers

Jimmy Little

Lucky Starr

The Toppers

Warren Williams

The Joy Boys

Johnny Devlin

Judy Stone

Noleen Batley

Digby Richards

Ray Melton

Patty Markham

The De Kroo Brothers

Vicki Simms

Rob E.G

Lana Cantrell

Graeme Bell All Stars

Malcolm Muggeridge

Brian Henderson

Bobby Limb

The Four Strangers

Buddy England

Jimmy Crockett and The Shanes

The Southern Gentlemen

Sven Libaek

The Bee Gees

Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs

The Blue Beats

Reg Lindsay

Ray Hoff and The Off Beats

The A Sound

Ray Brown and The Whispers

The Questions

Warren Carr

The Black Diamonds


The Executives

The Sunsets

The Young Australians

Robbie Peters

Four Kinsmen

The Iguana

Heather McKean

The James Taylor Move

Phil Jones & The Unknown Blues

The Wild Cherries

Rim D. Paul

Gary Shearston

The Billy Burton Brass

The Aulton Mob

Peter Wright


Lloyds World

Kemp Fowler and Richard Brooks

Pastoral Symphony


The Laurie Allen Revue

Heart 'n' Soul

Tol-Puddle Martyrs

Anne Rylance

Barry Crocker


Rockwell T James

The Dream/New Dream

Ross D Wylie


Frankie Davidson

Bay City Union

George Golla

Doug Parkinson In Focus

The Chicks

The Affair

The Cherokees

The Same Day Twins

Maggie Joddrell

The Love Machine

Chapter III

Tony Bonner

Jeff Phillips

Tommy Leonetti

John Sangster

Daisy Clover

Frank Lewis


Gene Pierson

The Forum

Bill Renfrey

The Clik

Lionel Rose

The Town Criers

Judy Stone

The Bucket

The Gathering

Issy Dy


Ronnie Charles

Rolf Harris

Inside Looking Out

Velvet Underground




Normie Rowe

Dennis Knight

Greg Anderson

Bip Addison

Colleen Hewitt

Jamie Redfern

Peter Hiscock

Nolan McKinley

The Jug Band

Rod Kirkham

Trevor Spry

Peter McKenna

The Delltones

Father John Cootes

Johnny Young and Young Talent Time

Peter Allen

Daly-Wilson Big Band featuring Kerrie Biddell

Paul Brand

Lynne Dutton

Ronnie Burns

Sister Janet Mead

Jason Darnell

Tony Fenelon

Don Lane


Ernie Sigley

Live Sound Dimension

Jade Hurley

The 69ers

Tommy Tycho

The Mixtures

Mick Power and Freinds

Lori Balmer

Paul Gaffey

Denise Drysdale

Graeme Connors

Robin Jolley

Joe Hasham

Doug Ashdown

Reg Livermore

Will Upson Big Band

Markeeta Little Wolf

Dinah Lee

Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band

Barry Leef

Fatty Lumpkin

Ray Burgess


Norman Gunston

Rob Guest

Dennis Walter

Bob Purtell


Simon Nette

Fred Dagg


The Monitors

Wallis and Matilda

Simon Gallaher

Duffy's Band

John Williamson

The Chocolate

Pam Liversidge

The Provost Brothers

Dear Enemy


Hearing Aid

The Cuckoos

Red Hot Rockin Santas

Norma Murphy

Chris Moy

The Mad Turks

Bell Jar

Jim Haynes

Tracey Arbon


Piero Von Armin

Hot Rocket

The Composers


The Waratah Festival Brass Ensemble

The Bush Music Club

Joe Dicker

Reg Poole

The Paul Mackay Sound

Kevin Kitto Singers

Eric Jupp

Shirley Simmons

Brian and the Juniors

Barry Creyton and Noeline Brown

Ken Sparkes

Peter Skurray

NSW Police Military Band

Carol Davies

Roy Hampson

Crow Eaters Inc.

The Sidney Simm Funny Orchestra

Norman Willison

Ken Shorter

Carmel Ryan

Sax Connection

Dick Hughes

Tyme Piece 

R.J. Taylor


Vicky and Simon (Grant Dodwell and Penny Cook)

White Wine

The Northern Command Band

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