Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Greasy Pop Records was an Australian independent record label established by Doug Thomas (musician with The Dagoes and with The Spikes) in 1980 in Adelaide. Greasy Pop Records predominantly signed South Australian artists including Exploding White Mice,Where's the Pope?, Del Webb Explosion and The Mad Turks from Istanbul. As from 2006, the label was owned by Pete Hartman-Kearns and Monique Laver. According to I-94 Bar's Patrick Emery, Greasy Pop "was the focus of much of the city’s vibrant music scene, putting out great records ... Much of the Greasy Pop stable was based on the Detroit-via-Birdman thing – it's interesting that while Adelaide continues to share a cultural affinity closer to Melbourne than Sydney, its musical influences arguably owe more to the Sydney and the Birdman sound than the art-school aesthetic of Melbourne".

The Dagoes

Del Webb Explosion

The Spikes


The Screaming Believers

The Purple Gang

Fools Apart

July 14th

Acid Drops

Exploding White Mice

The Lizard Train

The Garden Path

Dust Collection

Liz Dealey and The Twenty Second Sect


Mad Turks from Istanbul



Iron Sheiks

Morning Glory

The Philisteins

The UV's

Where's The Pope

The Ists


Play Loud

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  1. Hello does Peter still work at greasy pop recordscan he pleases contact me its scarlet Lind from McGill training CENTER back in 2005..