Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Larrikin Records is a record company founded in 1974 by Warren Fahey. Larrikin started as an independent label and was sold in 1995 to Festival Records.

The Larrikins

Jim Jarvis

Phyl Lobl

Steam Shuttle

The Bushwackers

Reg Poole

Gary Shearston

Chris Duffy

Warren Fahey

Bernard Bolan


Dennis Tracey

Eric Bogle

Cathie O'Sullivan

Dutch Tilders

Margret Roadknight

The Saints

Mike and Michelle Jackson

The New Christs

Anne Infante

Rod Eather

John Summers

Ian Hills

Paull Dickinson

Jeannie Lewis

Spy Vs Spy

Jim Taylor

Facial Expressions

David Fennell

The Flying Emus

Blues On The Boil



Johnny Nicol

Doug Ashdown

The Layabouts

Kev Carmody

Budal Lardil


Reg Lindsay

Foreday Riders

Renee Geyer

Colin Hay

Wandjuk Marika

Cyril May and Jack McDonald

John Ewbank

Wendy Grose

Peter Westheimer

Geraldine Doyle

Billy Masters

Lee Cutelle

Martin Reeve

John Singleton

Christine Flavin

Rank Strangers Bluegrass Band

Frankie Davidson

Caroline Loftus

Tony Hicks

Christine Sullivan

Ralph Graham

Conway Bros

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