Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Spin Records was one of the most important and successful Australian record labels of the 1960s, and it recorded and released some of the most vibrant and enduring pop artefacts of the period. The label was very productive, with 116 singles, 35 EPs and 38 albums issued over the eight years between May 1966 and May 1974. Spin typically released 2-3 singles per month during its peak years. All its recordings were manufactured and distributed by Festival Records.

Ray Colombus and The Invaders

The Id

Marty Rhone and The Soul Agents

Steve and The Board

Tony Barber

Tony Summers and The Echoes

Chris Hall and The Torquays

Bee Gees

Ronnie Burns

Geoff Mack

The Trojans

Will Rushton

Barrington Davis

The Sunsets

The Kids

Ram Jam Big Band

Janice Slater

Freddy Hampton

Dianne Horder

The Dave Miller Set

Mike Preston

1863 Establishment

Stuart Wagstaff

Don Lane

The Wheelbarrow


Paul Mackay Sound

Fielding and Dyer

Carl and Janie Myriad


Mark IV

Leonie Goodwin



The Swingin' Times

Robin Gibb

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