Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Sunday, September 27, 2015

W & G

W&G Records was an Australian recording company that operated from the early 1950s to the 1970s. It was a subsidiary of the Melbourne precision engineering company White & Gillespie.

W&G released many significant recordings by Australian popular artists of the 1960s and also issued recordings of popular American artists, notably releases from the ABC-Paramount (Ampar) label, which W&G distributed from 1955 until 1960, when the Australian distribution was taken over by Festival Records. Processing plant and Head Office was at 185-187 a'Beckett St Melbourne and the Recording Studio 186 Batman St Melbourne.

Stan Stafford

William Flynn and his Orchestra

Ernie Sigley

Tommy Clayton

The Moonlighters

Reg Gray

Lee Gallagher


Joan Bilceaux

Diana Trask

Charles Skase

Clive Waters

Denis Gibbons

Frankie Davidson

The Unichords

Rod McLennan

George Bracken

Bruce Clarke and His Rockers

Kevin Shegog

The Thunderbirds

Johnny Chester

Gaynor Bunning

The Marksmen

The Hickey Sisters

Elaine McKenna

The Jack Varney 5

The Penny Rockets

Les Partell

Bruce Gillespie

The Leslie Ross Singers

The Hawking Brothers

Ade Monsbourgh

Bill Mullin

Frank Traynor's Jazz Preachers

Colin Buckley

The Thin Men

Dorothy Baker

The Seekers

The Strangers

Andrew Todd

Ellie Lavelle

Doug Owen

Bobby Bright

The Johnny Hawker Orchestra

The Saxons

The Breakaways

Glen Tomasetti

Peter Posa

Roger Bell and His Pagan Pipers

The Barry Lee Trio

The Chessmen

The Red Onion Jazz Band

Merv Benton

The Southern Folk Three

The Harmonicaires

Bruce Rowland

Colin Cook

The Kravats

The Phantoms

The Cherokees

Pat Carroll

The Mystics

The Vibrants

Margy Bayes

The Hayes Brothers

The Loved Ones

The Indefinite Four

The Blanches

Betty McQuade

The Pink Finks

The In-Sect

Johnny Cooper

Sergio Fochi

John Roberts

The Princeton Singers

Bert Newton


Maximum Load

Lenore Somerset

The City Slickers

Jewel Blanch

Victorian Trumpet Trio

Jim Berinson

Pam French

Heather Horwood

Malvern Municipal Band

Barry Greenwood

Terry Gordon

Yvonne Mitchell

Johnnie Russell and The Capital Three Ranch Band

Phyl Vinnicombe

The Factory

Gordon Fernandez

The Statesmen

The Mega Set

Bill McCormack

Reg Poole


John Farnham

The Webb Brothers

Maggie's People

Tony Henry

Somebody's Image

The Blackout

The Tamlas

The Terranova Five

The Wizard

The Polkateers

The Motive

Judith Durham

Melbourne High School

The Australian Nurses' Christian Movement Choir

The Duo Moreno Quartet

The University Of Adelaide Wind Quintet

The Dobson Sound

Steve Denver

Ballarat Jazz Messengers

Paul Paffen

Anita Munckton

The Four Hounds

Terry King

Ron Lees

The Glen Men

Robert Leeman


Australian Aborigines On Mornington Island

Laurie Wilson

The Teen Beats

Dave Thunder and The Macmen

The Clovers

The Dominoes

The Firebirds

Pam and Ade

Al Styne

Bill Collins

The Taymen

The Jim Lane Set

Kerry Bryant

Patsy Stewart

The Benelong Chorus

Danny Webb, Elizabeth Harris and Chris Christensen

St.Patrick's Cathedral Choir, Melbourne

Early Morning

The Skylarks

The Sabres

The Storeyville Jazzmen

The Beetle Bashers

Rhythm Five

The Callahan Family

Joe Paparone

Ian Mawson

Ken Chard

John Oldham

John Clements

The Gospelaires

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