Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Defunct and Current Aussie Record Labels

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Founded by Fred Bestall and Lance Reynolds in 1978. Located in Sydney. Bestall and Reynolds formed the label around The Silver Studs as part of Wizard Records. It became independent at some point afterwards, opening up offices in the US and UK.
The label appears to have closed after getting into a dispute with RCA Records, its US distributor, in 1989.

Air Supply

Dame Edna Everage

Jon Stevens

Hoodoo Gurus

The Flaming Hands

Beasts of Bourbon


Painters and Dockers

New Race

Radio Birdman

Lime Spiders

The Spikes

The Screaming Believers

Exploding White Mice

The Chinless Elite

The Go-Betweens

The Scientists

Huxton Creepers

Austen Tayshus

Noel Watson

The Trilobites

Gino of The Studs

Shauna Jensen

Patricia Berrell

Maggie McKinney and David McMaster

David J Nash

Detective Red

The Mustard Club

The Joeys

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  1. Bigtime Records was company formed around the Silver Studs, the Air Supply relationship came later Thanks Lance